About The Horsemanship Course


This course contains over 2 hours and 20 minutes of detailed lessons pertaining to all areas of horsemanship. Receive 2.5 Continuing Education Credits for PATH, Intl.

The lessons are broken down into short manageable clips that you can watch anytime you need them, they are not long, they get right to the point yet they are detailed and designed toward the highest level of care.

You will be guided through exacting demonstrations how to apply equipment as well as maintaining the cleanliness and health of your horses and stable.

This course is going to enhance the knowledge of any student that is looking to better care for their horse.

This is the perfect video set to enhance your knowledge and help you build the skills necessary if you are interested in owning a horse or if you are looking to further your education by working in a stable.

All the time we spend with our horses is precious, "Love to Ride" and build your skills with this information packed horsemanship course.

"These videos will help all horse lovers take high-level care of their horses, in addition to providing the skills young people need in order to work in Top Performance Stables.

Nancy's dedication to the care of the horses is second to none. The programs she has created help all horse enthusiasts have access to her years of experience and success."

~ Molly Grier

“I have closely studied Nancy’s horsemanship course and I have since allowed all of my staff to watch the course also. So much of this invaluable knowledge is somewhat lost in the daily being with our horses. Nancy has created a very comprehensive guide, that is not only very helpful, but presented in a way that makes it very interesting and valuable for any horse person.

Tristan Tucker

Who Is Your Instructor - Nancy Lavoie

I help dressage riders stay confident in the show ring while experiencing the joy that riding horses should bring.

In addition to being an accomplished competitor at the Grand Prix level, a Five Star Rider, and a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, I am an accomplished trainer, clinician, and life coach. I have juggled my riding with being a wife, business partner, mentor, stepmother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and, like you, I can go on. I have not always been successful at creating a life of balance and accolades. It is when life becomes difficult that we learn the most, and I am excited to share some of my experiences with you in hopes that this will help you live the most authentic and expressive life with (and outside of) horses possible.

I am passionate about using my lessons as an experienced horsewoman to help others achieve their horse-related goals in addition to helping people find that balance and happiness we search for while living a more fulfilling life.